Big Tobacco Truth and Dare: What is At Stake if Tobacco Industry Lie?

Venue and Time
Hilton Bali Resort, Indonesia | 12 September 2018

The 12th Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health Youth Pre-Conference will serve as a bridge for youths to the main conference. The primary aim of this youth pre-conference is to raise awareness about the tobacco control and Tobacco Industry Accountability (TIA) among Asia-Pacific Youth, and let them express the issues they see as the most pressing tackle in their own countries, and build a report based on their inputs in order to take it to policy makers.
Our vision is to provide young people of Asia-Pacific with the opportunity be involved in the implementation of public policy by utilizing their voice to demand societal support to hold the tobacco industry accountable for its actions and to change the social norms that support those actions. The mission is to provide platforms within the Asia-Pacific which enable young people, NGOs, private sectors, and government to create connections and work together in other Asia-Pacific countries to pursue more inclusive and effective campaign to create tobacco-free generation.


  • Engage youth as leaders and advocates in the tobacco control movement and against tobacco industry
  • Educate youth about the manipulative and deceptive marketing tactics of tobacco industry, and mobilize them to take action
  • Provide youth with skills to plan and execute a campaign strategy to counter the tobacco industry interference
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration among young professionals and students from different countries and area of interest to address tobacco through a lens of global health, sustainability, and creating action



Caroline Renzulli,
International Communication, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Waraney Rawung,
Head of Content, Edelman Indonesia
Enrico Aditjondro,
Associate Director Southeast Asia, Vital Strategies
Mira Sumanti,
Consumer Product Marketing Manager, Google
Becky Freeman,
Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney

Host and co-host

CISDI is a civil society organization looking to realize an Indonesian community that is equal, empowered, and prosperous with a healthy paradigm. CISDI’s area of focus includes health-systems strengthening, tobacco control advocacy, and empowering youth participation in development. CISDI is also the host for the Forum for Young Indonesians (FYI), a platform that aims to facilitate cross-sectoral communication and interaction among youth to bridge knowledge and understanding as well as theories and practices needed to accelerate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia.

Smoke Free Agents (SFA) is a tobacco control organization consisting of youth communities and individuals who share the same vision and mission: creating a healthy, tobacco-free Indonesia. SFA was formed in with the essential aim to educate the public to be a change maker, especially students and young people of Indonesia, on the negative impact of tobacco and tobacco industry interference. SFA has created a new concept of de-normalizing the tobacco industry using a creative and digital campaign to advocate policy makers to ban the tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship. SFA is confidence to create impact on tobacco control policies in Indonesia.