Prof. Ted Chen
Executive Secretary of APACT

I felt very impressive of the conference that Indonesia organized for us. We really impress with the hard work from all committee. They have given all the times they had to make this conference happened; through online, emails and now we are here to meet the team who have fully support us to be able to be here. We felt like home with the hospitality given, and I wish that I can stay longer in Bali moreover in Indonesia. Indonesia has become a very wonderful host and such a great example for APACT. In almost 30 years of APACT existence, I can say that this was the best APACT in the history.

After the APACT 12 th , we are going to Thailand as the next host and continued by Malaysia. I was in the meeting and being approached by several countries; Bangladesh, Mongolia and even possibility of India. Everybody was so excited to be part of the APACT Family. This time, Indonesia brakes the APACT record by presenting the best APACT organizer. More than 800 participants registered to join the conference. The set up for the Scientific Programme was also very impressive. The discussions and debates about may issues were occurred actively in details. Asia has different issues, needs and demands. A male smoker and a female smoker is being seen differently and have huge gaps on it. In the other way around of thinking, we are thinking of how to empower female and girls to be the most effective strategy to prevent male around them for not smoke and pollute their families. As Asian has unique culture and heritage, this time I saw in discussion rooms that the issues discussed and the suggestion given in the discussions will bring back to each country to be discussed further inside the country.

On how Indonesia also empower youth in controlling tobacco is also very impressive and can be a good example for another country to make the tobacco control movement is more effective. With the slogan of choose youth not tobacco, is has shown that Indonesia has really care of youth as the next generation of the country.

Overall, the conference organized very well. Such a beautiful venue with nice beach, flowers, facilities and view. I also very impressive with the performance of Indonesia traditional dance during the opening ceremony and gala dinner. On behalf of APACT, we thank you very much once again to Indonesia as the host, for the amazing and valuable APACT 12 th conference